Employment Law Guides

  • What Should be Included in an Employment Contract?

    An in-depth guide on what information you need to include in your company's employment contracts.

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  • Recruitment – Possible Checks

    Employers can undertake a range of checks before taking on a new member of staff.

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  • Right to Work in the UK – Immigration Status

    A hot topic since Brexit, this article details which documents employers can legally ask for from prospective employees.

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  • Data Protection and Managing Staff Records at the Recruitment Stage

    How to manage personal data relating to staff and when to dispose of it.

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  • Job Adverts and Discrimination

    A guide on which aspects of a person's identity employers cannot discriminate against.

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  • Criminal Checks and the Recruitment Process

    This article details the different types of background checks a company can undertake on prospective employees and volunteers.

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  • Sickness During Employment

    A guide on how to deal with sick employees during their employment.

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  • Probationary Periods

    This article explores how long probation periods for new employees can be, and what to do if an employee is under-performing.

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  • The Grievance Procedure

    How to deal with an employee's grievance.

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  • Basic Rights of an Employee

    A guide to what rights and protections employers need to provide for their employees.

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  • Disciplinary and Dismissal

    This article explores what grounds an employer might dismiss an employee and the procedures involved in doing so.

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  • How to Make an Employee Redundant Fairly

    This article deals with the legal steps involved in making an employee redundant.

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  • Dismissing Staff with Less than Two Years of Service

    Employees with less than two years of service have few employment rights, unless they are dismissed due to an unfair reason.

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  • Protected Discussions and the Without Prejudice Rule

    This article explains the 'without prejudice' rule and looks at the advantages of protected discussions with employees.

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  • Unfair Dismissal

    How and why an employee can bring a claim of unfair dismissal to an Employment Tribunal.

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  • Costs in the Employment Tribunal

    Parties generally bear their own costs at the Employment Tribunal except in some circumstances.

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  • Post Termination Restrictive Covenants

    This article looks at the different types of restrictive covenants employers can place in employment contracts.

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  • Settlement Agreements

    What is a settlement agreement and which types of claims might they cover?

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  • Employment Tribunal Hearing

    What happens at an Employment Tribunal? This article explains all.

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  • Constructive Dismissal

    This article details the circumstances employers can exercise constructive dismissal.

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  • References and Recruitment

    This article details the legal issues surrounding employee's references.

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